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good news! Yongjun Wire "Battery Connection Cables" "Cable" "

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Recently, Suzhou Yongjun Electric Wire Co., Ltd. obtained "TUV South Deengo Middle China Group " and "China Quality Certification Center CQC " Certification Certificate for Battery Connection Cables "Certificate. (The standard number of both parties is: PPP 59049A: 2019 and CQC 1143: 2019).

The certificate of the certificate marks the"energy storage system battery connection cable " product safety performance in Yongjun wire, which is in line with the strict requirements of international and domestic standards, highlighting the authority of TUV Nande in the standard of new energy storage system standards. Sexuality and influence, and the continuous witness for the strength of the wire and cable industry for many years.
TUV and CQC Joint Test Solutions are a comprehensive technical specifications for the special cable for new energy power storage systems. The test scheme fully assesss the requirements of the battery's cable from the electrical energy, mechanical properties, service life, and weather resistance, etc., which can be said that this test plan is currently the most comprehensive and professional for energy storage and cable products. Test solution.
Suzhou Yonghao Electric Co. The company's products have now covered to robotic equipment, photovoltaic and small drones, solar, wind energy, new energy vehicles, smart appliances, communication equipment, home improvement lines, rail transit and battery connection cables such as battery connection.
Yongjun Wire is located in Suzhou, Jiangsu, Jiangsu Province, China, Jiangsu Province, China Economic Development Zone.
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Suzhou Yonghao Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development, production and sales of new energy vehicle harness, new energy wire and cable, electronic information related products.

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