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Youth is passionate, playing brilliant

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Today, Suzhou Yonghao is in the scenic area of ​​Changshu Shanghu Scenic Area, entrusting Suzhou Zhitong Expansion Culture Co., Ltd., \"Youth Excellence, Casting Brilliant \" is the theme of outdoor groups, aims to let company employees in a relaxed atmosphere Improve team cohesiveness and communication skills, become a strong team with good cooperation, affordable, and market demand for continuous improvement of service capabilities.

1. Through easy and interesting warm-up activities, the small friends have dispel the diaphragm, close the distance, and do a good care for the whole day training activities!

2, bid farewell to personal hero, establish team

Name of each team
1. Wolf team 2. The strongest king 3. Wenlian team 4. Fire Phoenix

war Wolf! war Wolf! The war is uncomfortable!
King's return! The war is uncomfortable!
Go all out! Going forward!
Fenghuang Intergono! Want to rebirth!
In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of the small partners, build a sense of honor through the team name, slogan, and shape, and launch fierce competition.

3, group dragon take water, boil sublimation

4, card wind cloud, challenge collective coordination.

In the collision of wisdom and courage, each team spirit has become very fresh. Several strengths of several groups are not up and down, and they have a thousand autumn, but we are not high and low losing, but in this process. Everyone challenges themselves in this expansion training, understands each other, a pair of strong and happy eyes reveal the collective cohesiveness and heart force.

4, rush to land, the wisdom of everyone, the power of the people:

We are a unity, active, upward team, can be seen in the expansion training of the company, especially the \"Jiangba Landing\" project can reflect our team's teamwork spirit. Under the command of the instructor, the landing order was quickly arranged. Everyone's heart is together, consciousness reaches a high degree of unity, the belief is only one: don't give up, don't give up! Under the common efforts of everyone, in the standard time, we completed the task in advance within 10 minutes. A person's power is negligible, only the power of unity, unity and cooperation, mutual support, the strength of the team fighting, is a battle.

5, the excellent circle, play is the heartbeat

Summarize the summary of our Liu: The team's cooperation is to achieve the spirit of \"voluntary cooperation \" and \"collaboration efforts\" and \"collaboration efforts\" in the established goal. Based, when the team's cooperation is for a kind of voluntary, it will have an invisible and persistent power, which can teach all members of the resources and talents, which is better than tangible. Trusting others is a noble virtue, work with colleagues, first of all, to give colleagues to fully trust. At this time, under the intense work and pressure, in participating team expansion, improve work efficiency, transfer work enthusiasm and enthusiasm, and firmly believe in our group, in the future, it will be able to focus on the goal, everyone is in the city, for the development of forever The new one-earth heavens and the earth work hard to complete the goals.

Sunset Xishan Hongxiafei
Warrior shooting the camp
Storm Hongqi Yixia
Happy singing is full of flying ...
Yong Hao's powerful, laughter is always stunned on the green forest of Shanghu.

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