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Yong Hao introduces new equipment and upgrading and guarantee customer-centric

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It all said that the sun is like fire.

Seven August is a batch of young girls in a batch of girls in a batch of young girls.
Monk rainstorms, the garden, the cool breeze. I have been in the autumn in the autumn, and several heavy rain sent a long time.
But the leader is more cool, but it is the new two-row of majestic high-end cutlery in the cable car - the latest automatic preloader.

After more than half a month, it is dotted, installed, commissioned, and finally started production today.
Equipment is a basic mark of the size of the company and the modern production level, and is also an important factor in social productivity.
At present, the new month of technology is different, and the market demand changes sharply. Only relying on modern levels, improve management, improve production efficiency, and produce quality and low price products to meet market and customer needs.
The renovation of Yongjun's workshop, the investment of new equipment, and effectively solves the lack of productivity caused by a large number of orders.

Yong Hao, Yan Jian out of the sheath, who is fighting!
I can see the Yonghao cable production workshop, and a row of machines keep running, and the workers are busy in their respective jobs.
Yonghun Cable Co., Ltd. has followed the market development trend since its establishment, actively meets customer needs, continuously introducing international front-end equipment, technology, process, timely replacement, elimination of old production equipment, continuously improving production capacity, and improve economic benefits, help Customer development, promoting the rapid progress of the company.
We have \"Diamond Drill \", let more \"porcelain live \" is more fierce!

Suzhou Yonghao Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development, production and sales of new energy vehicle harness, new energy wire and cable, electronic information related products.

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