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Suzhou Yong Hao celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the anti-fraud activities of the whole people

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Just, just at 11:00 on July 14, 2021, Suzhou Yongjun employee's large Japanese calamation time, the lobby of the food is a melodious music, and the appetite is open.

Delicious food - Yong Hao staff

It turned out to be by \"Suzhou Xiangcheng District People's Government Cao Lake Sub-district Office \", \"Suzhou Public Security Bureau Xiangcheng Branch, Taohu Police Station \", \"Suzhou Yonghao Technology Co., Ltd.\" Co-organized \" The 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China --- National Anti-Fraud Activity \".

Government leaders arrange special people to issue \"anti-fraud brochures and summer drinks \"

The event begins the host to interact with everyone, and laughing in the laughter to instill the precautions to prevent fraud to everyone. Detailed explanation of some new telecommunications network fraud, means, teach employees to identify the electric scam, remind employee friends to receive unfamiliar calls, short messages must be awareness, do not pay attention to personal privacy information and mobile phone SMS verification code, to prevent Facing a scam.

First, knowing \"Top Ten High Hair Communication Network Fraud \":

1. Network loans, fraud method reveals: \"low threshold \" advertising + net loan app;

2. Network brush single, fraud method reveals: part-time brush single + network gambling;

3. \"Kill Pig Past\", fraud method reveals: online \"beauty \" + investment \"profit \";

4. Pretending to be \"Public Inspection Law \", fraud method reveals: \"Public Security Survey \" + \"Frozen Account \";

5. \"Recommended Unit \", fraud method reveals: \"Financial Tutor \" + False platform;

6. Pretend to be a free customer service, the scam method is revealed: \"Customer Service Active Refund \" + Application Platform Loan;

7. False shopping, fraud method reveals: online advertising + \"Shopping Draw \";

8. Logout \"Campus Loan\", fraud method reveals: \"\" Logout record \"+ guide loans;

9. Fake acquaintance, scam method reveals: using friends avatar plus friends + \"temporarily borrowing money \";

10. Buying and selling games, fraudulent techniques Secret: \"\" Low-cost recharge \"+ \" Recharge Tracked \".

Second, do \"Six Keep \":

1. Keep in mind that 96110 is a reflex fraud center;

2. Keep in mind rental, borrowing, selling mobile phone cards, bank cards, and virtual accounts are illegal;

3. Keep in mind that the stockpiece can make a fortune is fraud;

4. Keep in mind that part-time brush can make money is fraud;

5. Keep in mind that online loans are first paid;

6. Keep in mind that the refund is first transferred is fraud.

This event is rich in content, and the atmosphere is active. Anni-listening song, take away the exhaustion of your work; a graceful dance is a cool in the summer. While enjoying the food, enjoy the song and dance, what feeled? \"Yuan Fang, how do you see?

The melodious songs have echoed next to the ear, hover on the plate

Cool, people, a mad, a passionate dance

I don't know how to see, \"Yuan Fang \", but the event ends we see that colleagues are smiling, it is still unfinished, while walking, while wiped the mouth of the mouth with hand ~, is a delicious meal, or remember the stage Girl……

This event has successfully concluded the careful arrangement of government leaders and corporate leaders, winning all employees, creating a strong atmosphere of national anti-fraud, effectively improving national anti-fraud risk awareness.

In the future, Xiangcheng will continue to adhere to the whole people 's anti-fraud, strengthening publicity, online and offline combination, vigorously popularize anti-fraud, disclosure of fraud, telling the real harm, and resolutely curbing electricity crimes high-increasing situation, and practical New results, social harmony and stability.

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