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New journey, new transcendence | concentric peers, Yong

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Suzhou Yonghao Cable 2019 New Year Conference

- 2018 advanced commendation activities

2018 This \"dog \", this has become a history in the time of work in work, 2019 this \"pig \" with the whole body treasure to our lovely.

The biggest pain for office workers is too: at the end of the year, the company's employees took the red envelope, the right hand took prize, and the horned angle, the eyes were blurred, and you can only look at people. Huh. ~

Suzhou Yonghao cable is always an atmosphere, and the annual meeting of the annual meeting of the annual meeting of DYLAN's \"new journey, new transcendence \" is held on January 18, 2019!

That's right, here is what you envy. \"The annual meeting of others\".

As the big screen is loud, the two hosts are shining. That elegant dress, gentle smile, magnetic sound, to everyone, friends and family, at this time, the hearts of the audience have been melted by the stage.

Mr. Sun Xiaodong, chairman of Yonghao Group, delivered a speech to the General Assembly.

Read the company's corporate policy: \"Integrity development, achievements sharing \" This starts.

Next, Mr. Liu Renjing, General Manager, walked on the stage and issued a honorary certificate and cash reward for the outstanding employee representatives in the past year. This is also very payable when Liu Jiping, he often said: \"The company wants to remember to work hard for the company. Every employee paid, give care more to be affordable, the employee satisfies the company to be satisfied, we are iron-hitting the battles, but also leave the soldiers of the iron. \"\" This road \"\" comes once Fang Xian is clear today.

The General Assembly is a colorful, and the next table is delicious, the aroma is strong, and the performance is beautiful, and it is very exciting.

A bright belly dance plus the influx of the wine is half-drunk.

\"Belly \" just left, come to a group of \"Tianzhu Girl \", the grandfather is in the exotic style.

Just brought soft and soft, just soft and flexible, \"Tianzhu \" debut.

Nothing, don't want to go to Yonghao, hahaha ~

Old woman is also crazy

Let's play with your heartbeat.

Dear leaders, outstanding employees represent the violent collision with the heart in the fierce music, the heart is accelerating, there is no blood on the blood ~~~

I touched, I touched, I touched ~

Yongyi Group Lu Chuan (Tuti) is the second prize lucky award

Dry this cup to take away the things

What returned tonight ~~

Work is everyone's participation, prizes are all people

Say quietly: \"How is this lucky, how to do? \"

Jacob, many years of sales and service experience make him have a very keen market insight, strong customer service concept, and open up the country.

Liu Chuanyi will be integrated into a glass of wine in a glass of wine for employees.

The audience is over, the block can not stop

It is said that the wine is not afraid of the alley, with the Yonghe people's top mind, Yonghun cable brand is more and more well-known domestic and foreign customers, we also welcome friends to make more comments and suggestions for us, We become stronger better.

Yong Hao has been quickly traveling, we are willing to share success and joy with more friends!

Suzhou Yonghao Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development, production and sales of new energy vehicle harness, new energy wire and cable, electronic information related products.

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