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In the winter, the cold, Yongyi, a fire, Suzhou Yongqi Technology Co., Ltd., winter outdoor, BBQ

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The weather is clear, but the frost is, I don't feel the winter, when I have been in the winter.

However, the cold in the winter can't stop the passion of the Yonghe people, this is not, all of our Yong Hao is a major carnival on the side of the lake.

When the red sun shy in the morning on November 10, there were many luxurious bus in Suzhou Yongyu Square, and the film was full of three or four hundred Yonghe's girls rushed to today. destination.

Handsome guys comb comb, beautiful, beautiful, pretty, style. The morning fog has not completely faded, and the red sun that is far away is full of fantasy. Talking and laughing has slowly enter.

Yes, Taihu Cowboy Style Resort, not only \"Cowboy \" is very cattle, \"Style \" is more highlighting! Taihu Lake, six thousand years ago, handsome guys, handsome, handsome, handsome, handsome, handsome, is a beautiful and wisdom of the beautiful and wisdom of the gods.

Today, our Yong Hi people want to say that vitality and passion, unity and responsibility coexist.

Just entering the estate, the long-lost idyllic aroma, the road, the road, the road, two sides, lush.

The army has already gathered, and more than a dozen teams have created a number. They receive the team flag. They have been studying the combat plan under the leadership of the captain. The air is filled with strong gunpowder.


Each team gives a mysterious card, finds the hidden numbers in all cards in a limited time, rinse, and successfully identify the number of cards win. This can be pressed by everyone's observation. This challenge is not too difficult for the Warriors of Yonghao. Usually we work in the work, it will not let go of each product. Unqualified factors.

Emergency recognition ...

Team of group, cooperation, combat ...

Let the big brother, I am so good ...

The sky is white and clouds fluttering.

Next, chopsticks clip table tennis, light foot slide:

Each team ran to another from the shortest time to another. The number of sandbags opened. The number of sandbags were putted first, and they needed to jump three times in the middle. The difficulty is high, some people will not skip the rope, some people are in harmony, and the table tennis is halfway. It is necessary to return from the new return. Some people will throw the technology. Life has no retreat, every progress is full of difficulties in full's difficulties ...

I have to leave, please refuel my partner for me (forget to say that add 92 # or 95 #.

Ah, egg yolk, I will settle you today to pull it in the bucket!

I clip, I clip, I clip clip ...

I vote, I vote, I vote for investment ...

It is said that the hit rate and the height of the ass.

Seeing to our family side team friend, the urinals have been in the old half-day, and they will not enter the body of the body! ! !

Next, please ask the men to polish your eyes. We have to wear a piece of beauty to take pictures ...

Ok, go back to God, say beautiful meals, show the color, then we have to dine.

BBQ lunch:

After a fierce competition, let us insert an advertisement, it is not right, it is a piece of barbecue, then wonderful continues, right, you have not heard the wrong, our lunch is like this ...

In Yong Hao, there is such a sentence: \"Soldiers who don't barbecue are not good employees, \" Let's take a look, which is not a barbecue called the beast level, the barbecue action is a trick, and the grill style!

Pick, meat, fast on meat ...

One of the five flowers, autumn knives, etc. Slim, it is really oil but not greasy, the outside is crisp, full of mouth, lips and teeth, and long aftertaste.

Hahaha ... find highlights, external focal opioid

It's better, there is a lot of it.

Turned, forgetful products, this moment is not there, only one fish in front of me ...

Advertising time, audience friends, please swallow your saliva, let us return to the venue to continue the afternoon.

Pipe pass:

You don't need you strong, tall and stunned, completely test team synergy, bring small ping pong to the tail of the tail.

Oops, my mother, run off ...

Hey, haha ​​is entered, I'm going, I really entered ...

Where, comrades, you will accompany me to eat these boxes, I will accompany you to the world, force the tide, Dongshan again, do not believe in the group ...

Good times is always so short, and the sun that is active for a day gradually hid, and the glare of the glare slowly made a mottled sunset. This day, the activity is close to the end, but the road to life is still very long!

The car quickly drives on the highway of home, the window outside the window, the night scene of Su City is out of the enchanting, and everyone is really real relaxing, and it is in the high platform Pavilion of the cement brick tile, come out to feel the mountain and The breath of the water, listen to birds and flowers. Some have been steamed, some of the window meditation ... How to get a good way to get a good way, in order to achieve the buried cattle and the big words!

The company will carry out various groupual activities such as barbecue, outdoor expansion, military training, trade union competitions every year. It usually is busy working, conscientious, and through the event, let everyone know each other, in the future work, can mutual Understand, work together to create brilliant.

Suzhou Yonghao Technology is located in the Suzhou Xiangcheng Economic Development Zone, which is a high-top development of the Pearl River Delta, relying on Suzhou's unique geographical advantage. The support of leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life, in the group's directors Under the efforts of Mr. Yang Xiaodong and the efforts of all Yonghe people, I have established a sound service system, exquisite art process. For more than a dozen years of tireless serving at home and abroad, I have achieved a certain result, and I have won a certain honor. Types of product harness covered new energy, photovoltaic, motor, home appliances, LED classes, industrial control, FFC soft rows and various custom harness, our efforts, our efforts, our efforts have been visible.

Suzhou Yonghao Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development, production and sales of new energy vehicle harness, new energy wire and cable, electronic information related products.

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