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Congratulations to Suzhou Yonghao gets "Aluminum alloy photovoltaus cable first 2PFG 2642 TÜV certificate "

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Congratulations Suzhou Yong Hao get "alloy PV cable debut 2PfG 2642 TÜV Certificate "

Suzhou, May 28 --29 days, international independent third party testing, inspection and certification organization TUV Rheinland Group (referred to as the "TUV Rheinland ") successfully held seminars photovoltaic and energy storage components in Suzhou. The seminar focused PV junction box, connectors, cable, interconnection systems, energy storage systems as well as access to the latest standards and market requirements for connectors, cables and other components designed to help photovoltaic and energy storage industry research and development, production personnel complete control of standard content and use of them to support enterprises to improve product quality and market competitiveness.

Assembly site

Suzhou Yong Hao wire as"TÜV Rheinland energy storage system was drafted connector standard " and this seminar sponsors honored to be invited to participate in the conference.

Assembly sponsors

TUV Rheinland Greater China solar energy and cause a warm Chabot, vice president of business services products opening statement.

At the seminar, technical experts from TUV Rheinland Greater China solar and commercial goods and services, respectively, of the PV junction box IEC 62790 and IEC 62852 standard solar connectors update, photovoltaic cable IEC 62930 standard, IEC 62979 photovoltaic junction box thermal runaway test standard, the global photovoltaic wire market access requirements and construction requirements for CPR instruction, and the aluminum conductor photovoltaic cable 2PfG 2642 standard introduced in detail, but also on the end of the photovoltaic power plant performance optimization and component failures cases, PV interconnection system 2PfG 1913 certification, energy storage system has been resolved with a standard cable 2PfG 2693 and so on.

Congress, TUV Rheinland is also involved in research and development of standards developed by technical experts issued a letter of thanks to the depth. Suzhou Yong Hao experts from these wires Ltd., Suzhou soon be photovoltaic Electronics Co., harmonic through PV Technology Co., Ltd. Suzhou, Zhejiang Renhe Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. and other 20 enterprises and institutions.

And aluminum alloy conductor Photovoltaic cable to the General Assembly Co., Ltd. Suzhou Yong Hao wire awarded "domestic debut 2PfG 2642 standard certification \", marking the Suzhou Yong Hao cable products has reached the international advanced level. Yong Hao, general manager of Suzhou wire Liu Renjing behalf of the company to accept the certificate.

Mr. Liu came to accept the award and took the leadership of the General Assembly

Aluminum PV cable debut 2PfG 2642 TÜV certificate large square

Aluminum PV cable debut 2PfG 2642 TÜV certificate small square

Since 2017, TUV Rheinland Photovoltaic enacted aluminum conductor cable standards since, it has been cited a number of foreign well-known cable companies. The new standard also led to rethink the project developer and general contractor (EPC) for cable laying.

Suzhou Yong Hao ever since the establishment of long-term cooperation with the multi-professional organization, the introduction of high-end talent, international procurement of advanced equipment, is committed to research and development production of high performance wire and cable. In the field of photovoltaic cables, cable storage, new energy automotive wire, electric wire, wire and other home improvement continuous innovation, the trust of a number of certification authorities and clients in numerous industries!

Yong Hao 1500V PV wire PV 1500 VDC-AL

Suzhou Yonghao is going to open, and it is hard to work, and will pay a satisfactory answer to the friends who will not be expected.

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