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Congratulations to Suzhou Yong Hao becomes "TÜV Rhein Independent System Connector Standard Drafting Unit

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The maintenance of the standardization of components of the energy storage system is imperative, and the German Rhein Tüv energy storage system is officially launched.

On October 12, the German Rhein Tüv Group hosted, the Hebei Provincial Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Research Institute co-organized, the Qian Sheng Yinxin Material Co., Ltd. hosted by Hebei Province. Cable new wind to the forum "Xiongan station held in Xiong'an School District, China Run University.

Suzhou Yong Hao is honored to participate in participation, becoming a "TÜV Rhend energy system.

This is followed by the drafting unit of the TÜV South German "Battery Connection Cable Standard." It is said that the quality and safety of Suzhou Yonghao wire and cable products has reached the international standard, and it also highlights the authority and influence of TÜV Rhein in the standard specification of the storage system.

The general manager Liu Renjing attended the meeting of Suzhou, and won the "Cable Excellent People Award ".
Liu has worn in the cable industry for more than ten years, and the innovation and development of the industry has their own unique and deep insight. Over the years, I will lead the Yonghao elite team all the way, constantly promote the product to solar energy, wind energy, new energy automobile, smart appliance, communication equipment, home improvement line, rail transit and energy storage system battery connection cable, etc. The more customers know Yong, and join hands with Yong.
The content of this meeting, mainly around the world's global market development status and trend, storage system cable standard 2PFG 2693: 2019 specific requirements, energy storage system cable special test method and energy storage cable Sharing of materials such as materials.
Where "energy storage system connector standard drafting launch of " the morning session to a climax, Suzhou Yong Hao Wire Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Renhe Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. Changshu City, Fu Laide connector Technology Co., Suzhou soon be photovoltaic 15 guests on behalf of the drafting unit electronic Co., Ltd., etc. witnessed the official launch of TÜV Rheinland energy storage system connector project drafting standard.

Suzhou Yong Hao Liu Renjing general manager meetings the launch (from right)

In the afternoon at the venue, experts from the 15 drafted by TÜV Rheinland and technical team, in-depth technical exchanges and discussions, TÜV Rheinland team also shared technical challenges and energy storage connector storage connector end of the application Status of drafting standards, but also actively listening to experts in the field related to the opinions and suggestions of standards.

Following the July 2019, TÜV Rheinland issued its first global energy storage systems with cable 2Pfg 2693: After the 2019 standard, the Group has identified energy storage system with the drafting of a standard connector project, the drafting of this energy storage system with a standard connector and the launch of the first review meeting standards, TÜV Rheinland is important to continue to promote energy storage system milestone on the road with standardized parts.

Suzhou Yong Hao wire and cable product quality and well-validated market, domestic and foreign customers unanimously favored friends, is a trusted brand quality.

The drafters of the industry standard, meaning Suzhou Yong Hao still need to continue to enhance technological innovation and research and development capabilities continue to improve product and service quality, to contribute to the development industry.

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