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Congratulations on Suzhou Yonghao to achieve excellent results in the"May 4 Youth Festival"

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Inheriting and carrying forward the glorious tradition of "May 4th" sports, the vast number of young people firmly establish the concept of scientific development, carry forward the core values of "integrity, duties, innovation, dedication ", cultivate unity and experience, and open up The spirit of innovation, showing the positive spiritual spirit of Lingfeng Village Youth employee, on the eve of the May 1st Labor Day, the "May 4th Youth Day" running competition organized by the Suzhou Xiangcheng North Bridge Lingfeng Village, the scenery, the beautiful North Bridge Shady small road was held.

This long running competition is a special group event for the 100th anniversary of the topic of the "Youth Heart to the Party, the New Age".
Those more than ten athletes in the North Bridge, Suzhou Yongjun Wires participated in this event as a special enterprise, and won the top three, although we consistently friendship first, but we have There is no disappointment.
You have not mistisred the wrong, the top three are all taken into the capsule, which is exceeding the expectations. In the event of the event before participating in the event, he told athhers: "With Yong Hao's consistent and endurance, diligence and explosive power, take the first two. " And these athletes: will be in the mandarin Inherited a work style that can't stop at a job, directly all three of the top three. So ok, I can also take you a happy play with you next year, hahaha ~ I have a joke.

Let us enjoy the style of sports and feel the passion of sports:

As the shot is crisp, the athletes will go straight to the tiger.

This is the champion style, listening to freedom music, with freedom, breathing fresh air, enjoy the beauty of both sides, where is the second place, where is the third place, hero is destined to be lonely ~

This is the styling of the runner-up, full of confidence in Yonghe people, let your Yangtze River laundering before, and then can't catch up with me, huh, huh ~

The third place, still Yong Hao, sprint the end line, and become the end of the top three in this event, congratulations to you, congratulations for Yonghao!

On the two sides of the road, the breeze is blowing, the wheat waves are up, as if the enthusiastic audience is shouting to the athletes, other athletes will also rush through the end line, through their own way to complete their lives in their own way, only Success, there is no failure, but the way is different, and it is also cheering!

Thanks to the village committee leaders awarded cash rewards and commemorative books for athletes, and took a group photo.

Yongjun athletes hand holding the company's banner, take a group photo with the sky green field, refreshing atmosphere. Cheers for your excellence!
The location of the village committee has been carefully arranged in the village committee, and the air is surrounded by the waterfield. The air is fresh, the green is full of field roads, the scenery is pleasant, the green trees are shaded, and the wheat, which is free breathing, the breeze, the bird It is fascinating.
Run, I have borrow, your healthy body, like a brush, embellished with green fields, painting for life. Sprinkle a sweat, continue to raise your footsteps, the outbreak of the shot, continue to move forward, no matter whether it succeeds, you have already owned it, you have read, you cheered, shocked around.

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